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JP-S59223764-A: Electrically conductive noble metal paste for high-temperature baking patent, JP-S592251-A: Cylinder motor control circuit of video tape recorder patent, JP-S59225596-A: Device for mounting vehicle equipment patent, JP-S59226165-A: Production of wire-shaped body patent, JP-S59226420-A: Signal cable patent, JP-S59227035-A: Method and device for manufacturing magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S59227601-A: Receiver for dust, etc. patent, JP-S59227671-A: Control system of group of elevator patent, JP-S59228206-A: Monitoring device for vehicle patent, JP-S59228209-A: Automatic focus detector patent, JP-S59228290-A: Liquid crystal display panel patent, JP-S59228299-A: Voice section detecting system patent, JP-S5922977-A: Bonding of thick-walled article patent, JP-S59230639-A: Preparaton of honeycomb catalyst for purifying exhaust gas patent, JP-S59231060-A: 2-substituted phenanthrene derivative patent, JP-S5923318-A: Polyhedral mirror motor patent, JP-S5923633-A: Display device for fm demodulation state patent, JP-S5923711-A: Pressure governor of air spring for vehicle patent, JP-S5923793-A: Hood body for ship patent, JP-S5924331-A: Interface circuit of input and output device patent, JP-S5925225-A: Method for formation of mask pattern for semiconductor substrate patent, JP-S5925378-A: 2'-(1'-ethyloxyethyl)pyrazing derivative patent, JP-S5926356-A: Parking device for movable body patent, JP-S5926575-A: Production of long fiber fabric having long hair patent, JP-S5926898-A: Unmanned traction carrying system patent, JP-S5926956-A: Manufacture of tacky concrete unseparatable in water patent, JP-S5928196-A: Electronic musical instrument patent, JP-S5929686-A: Novel derivatives of 2-azabicyclo(2,2,2)octane- 3-carbonic acid and manufacture patent, JP-S5931620-A: Erection apparatus of reamer patent, JP-S5931913-A: Lens holder patent, JP-S5932773-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S593307-A: Apparatus for detecting knar of timber single board patent, JP-S593330-A: Color discrimination device patent, JP-S593360-A: Optical fiber measuring device patent, JP-S5933750-A: Storage battery patent, JP-S5934728-A: And gate circuit patent, JP-S5935179-A: Apparatus for measuring delay time patent, JP-S5935378-A: Connector patent, JP-S593537-A: Input pen for input device of character or the like patent, JP-S5935401-A: Nonlinear resistor patent, JP-S5935416-A: Spark killer patent, JP-S5935432-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5935504-A: Destination indicator for train patent, JP-S5935672-A: Ionic nitriding treatment of stainless steel parts having ruggedness patent, JP-S5936137-A: Graftpolymer with its main chain constituted by chlorinated polyolefin patent, JP-S5936313-A: Magnetic head patent, JP-S5936316-A: Magnetic head patent, JP-S5936328-A: Magnetic recording carrier patent, JP-S5937280-A: Wind power energy converting device equipped with energy accumulating device absorbing gust of wind patent, JP-S5938973-A: Disk reproducer patent, JP-S5939675-A: Guide rail for elevator patent, JP-S5940527-A: Electron beam device patent, JP-S5941500-A: Purification of trivalent chromium plating bath patent, JP-S5942164-A: Method and device for feeding and continuously casting molten metal patent, JP-S5943240-A: Viscous damping device patent, JP-S5943607-A: Directive antenna element patent, JP-S59436-A: Recovery of waste water and rain water patent, JP-S5943970-A: Ignition timing controller of electronic control engine patent, JP-S5944460-A: Water proof construction of building patent, JP-S5944479-A: Reverse window patent, JP-S5944925-A: Ground-fault phase detector patent, JP-S5945596-A: Jam treating system for automatic transactor patent, JP-S5945861-A: Preparation of granular freshness preserving agent patent, JP-S5946200-A: Method of drying sludge and apparatus therefor patent, JP-S594627-A: Method for preventing elution of impurity from plastic body patent, JP-S5946653-A: Electrophotographic receptor patent, JP-S5947031-A: Method and device for fixing pipe patent, JP-S5947033-A: Manufacture of roller bearing member patent, JP-S5947763-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5948679-A: Apparatus for displaying battery life of full-electronic timepiece patent, JP-S5949823-A: Desulfurization column having supporter therein patent, JP-S594997-A: Low hydrogen type coated arc welding electrode patent, JP-S59500654-A: patent, JP-S59500958-A: patent, JP-S59501227-A: patent, JP-S59501291-A: patent, JP-S59501826-A: patent, JP-S5950317-A: Warning sensor of remaining quantity of fuel patent, JP-S5951919-A: Manufacture of pregelated tacky formed body from plastisol patent, JP-S5952011-A: Tubeless cut-off rubber for high-pressure gate patent, JP-S5952986-A: Recording device of color video signal patent, JP-S5953045-A: Remote monitor controller patent, JP-S595446-A: Optical pickup device patent, JP-S595597-A: Dimming control circuit patent, JP-S5956017-A: Liquid fuel combustion device patent, JP-S5956183-A: Optical detector patent, JP-S5956568-A: Production of one-side plated steel sheet patent, JP-S5956602-A: Heat exchanger type drain heat recovery device patent, JP-S5956831-A: Battery charging circuit patent, JP-S5957092-A: Reducer for propeller exciting force patent, JP-S5958476-A: Background of color braun tube and digital brightness contr-oller for cursor patent, JP-S5959171-A: Extraction of taste and flavor of allium-genus vegetable patent, JP-S5960605-A: Centralized load controlling system patent, JP-S5960914-A: Keyboard unit patent, JP-S5961549-A: Continuous casting device patent, JP-S5963221-A: Ventilator patent, JP-S5963635-A: Electromagnetic switch patent, JP-S5965802-A: Lead-in structure of optical fiber patent, JP-S5966635-A: Central ventilating device for building patent, JP-S5966768-A: Electronic cash register patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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